Rebel Mothership

Small crew. Massive impact.

About RMS

We are the Rebel Mothership. We float in the velvety depths of space between galaxies, reaching for new endeavors. We are no stranger to the strange. Our crew is dedicated to the bold and the daring. We make a lot of noise, too.

With a combined 30 years experience in music and sound design, we leverage our utmost attention to detail and out of the box thinking to bring a tailored, highly energized and client-focused experience to any project we're involved in. The universe of sound is our canvas, and a strict adherence to the principles that drive our creativity ensures it is never blank, never wanting.

The Mothership is eager to work with you, and is fully equipped to support any creative journey. We will ensure that our contribution will bring utmost quality, and that we play our part in guaranteeing your production stands out from the rest.

We are a very small company comprised of two incredibly focused individuals who have been friends for a very long time. RMS is not just a business, but it means of channeling our passions, and to work with and meet like-minded creative people.  Contact us! 

Our services

We have a broad range of expertise that allows us to be flexible in the type of work we take on. We enjoy all types of sound work, and like creativity to be the focal point of any project we work on. Below is a list of our primary focal points, but feel free to get a hold of us if you need something special / unique, and we'll be happy to put solutions on the star field:

Film Scoring / Underscoring: The very reason we were founded. We love putting music to film. The marriage of visual and musical story telling has been an unbroken bond since time immemorial. We love working in particularly creative / unbound genres such as Horror, Sci-Fi, Experimental, and Independent films. However, we have also done romantic comedy, quirky short films, and even student productions. We love every minute of it. No project is too big or too small!

Sound Design / Foley: Beyond music composition, we are also very seasoned sound designers. We pay very close attention to the vision of the creative team behind the film, and fill in the blanks with our own unique touch. Whether you need deep, immersive soundscapes for film or theater, insane stingers and booms for that perfect jump scare, or that perfectly tailored foley to fill in the sonic space of your project, we're your team. 

Over the years, we have been slowly building our portfolio. Please check our our Projects page to see a sampling of what we've been working on!



our pricing

We often get inquiries about our pricing. This is obviously fair. However, our general policy here is honesty and transparency. Since we work with projects big and small, we understand that budgets flex, shift, change, and often times are not ideal. We work individually with each client and project on pricing based on need and budget. We believe this is fair, since our philosophy here is to help you succeed with us. 

We attempt to build sincere, long lasting relationships. So as your creative projects gain attention, hopefully so do we all. So please, don't hesitate to let us know what's going on with your project, and how we can help.