Rebel Mothership

Small crew. Massive impact.

RMS - Foley Reel

We here at RMS love Foley. We enjoy finding all manner of interesting things to record. Our library is ever expanding, and we use it extensively in our productions. Here's a small sampling of our massive library!

RMS Sound Design: "Broken" - Directed by Enrico Natale

We here at RMS are extremely proud to have worked with director Enrico Natale and writer / producer Elease Patrick on their short film "Broken". It's a stark, beautifully made film about the fragility and vulnerability of children living in an abusive environment. As the sound designers on the project, we were charged with providing a soundscape that represented the amplified perception of children in a high intensity environment; where the people you know and love can quickly become monsters. 

Music composed by the very talented Anne-Kathrin Dern.

Please check out the Broken Film Website to find out more information on the incredible project, and the people behind it! 

RMS - True Crime - Jumper

Another moody, atmospheric piece. This tension piece is inspired by the idea of a person of interest who got so incredibly deep in it, that they are threatening to end their life by jumping from a tall tower. Only after his passing do the deeper mysteries of his demise unfold. Includes alternate riser endings.

RMS - The Illustrative Speaker - HP Lovecraft's "Azathoth"

Having fun here in the studio, we decided to give HP Lovecraft's beautiful short story / poem the radio treatment. Sound design, scoring, and VO all done in house. We wanted to bring a lot of the emotion, mystery, and sense of isolation to life with audio that's apparent in Lovecraft's work. We felt this was the perfect short to capture those punctuating, dramatic moments to really bring this story to life.

RMS - Dark Heart of the Woods

A piece composed for the horror genre. Either as a trailer, theme, point of tension. The inspiration here was obviously a giant, gnarled forest of pure and unprecedented evil. I like to think this invokes something like Sam Raimi's classic, The Evil Dead. You can hear the deep, gnarled ancient tree twisting and distorting as the tension builds in this piece. Enjoy!